Rhys | 24 | He/Him | White

Trans Rights. Black Lives Matter.
Please do NOT accept commissions of My OCs. They are being used without my consent.
A stalker has been impersonating me and scamming people.
Here's a google doc with more information on that.
You can see the Websites tab above for a complete list of my accounts.
I also have a linktree in progress here; linktree @Rhyset
Here my ONLY active accounts:

I do not have accounts on any other websites.
I also have a linktree in progress here; https://linktr.ee/Rhyset

My work email is [email protected]
There is an impersonator gmail account with the same name. That is not me.
I do not use any other emails.

My ONLY Active websites:
Rhyset on Patreon
Twitter @rhyset_
(the underscore is at the end of my twitter @)
ComicFury @rhyset
Ko-fi @rhy5et

Side Accounts:
Tumblr @BleckGross (inactive)
Twitter @BleckGross (inactive)
Twitter @BleckVile (please do not follow req)
I do not use these usernames on any other accounts.

Online Games:
Animal Jam / Play Wild @rhyset
Fer.al @Rhyset

Full list of accounts not already named:
Includes inactive and abandoned accounts.
YouTube @ sebastian rhys (inactive)
Toyhou.se @rhyset (inactive)
Pillowfort @rhyset (empty)
Artfol @rhyset (empty)
Trello @rhyset (inactive/empty)
Picarto @rhyset & Twitch @rhy5et (both inactive)
Weasyl @rhyset (abandoned)
FurAffinity @slashwolfhyde (abandoned)
Tumblr @rhyset (hidden/abandoned)
Instagram @_rhyset (deactivated)
RedBubble @rhyset (abandoned)
Playmoss @rhyset (website being terminated)
Vimeo @rhyset (empty)
Twitter @grimmrhys (locked/empty)
Tumblr @rhqs (abandoned)

End of list.

Art and video making:
FireAlpaca for drawing and animating.
QuickTime for screen capture.
VideoPad for video editing. *

* When downloading VideoPad do not download the current version!
Video exporting is locked behind a paywall. Instead, please scroll down this site until you find the section for VideoPad, and then download one dated 2016 or earlier: http://www.oldversiondownload.com/

"Where can I find Commission info?"
Commissions are opened to Patrons first.
Occasionally they may be opened on my twitter.
I don't accept them anywhere else because I am not active anywhere else.

"Do you have a Ko-fi?"
"What about XYZ website?"
Links to my active websites are on my Carrd home page.
If it is not linked there, then it is not me. I stopped using all other sites because I'm lazy.

"What if I find someone impersonating you?"
Block them and warn your friends.
Please be cautious when making an artist beware for an imposter!
I don't want to be implicated in their place by people with poor reading comprehension.

"Can I use or repost your work WITH credit?"
If you commissioned it then you are free to repost.
Otherwise, I prefer you do NOT reference, repost, or trace my work.
If you plan to do this anyways, I only ask that you be transparent about it.
Say on your posted work that it was traced/reposted AND link directly to the original.
There's nothing wrong with inspiration and experimentation, so please just be honest!
Do not say you made something that you did not make! Especially if you just repost!

"Do you still have XYZ old art/video of yours? Can you send it to me?"
The guy who was stalking me went back several months on my friends' tumblrs to reblog my old art and reposted a bunch of my older work to make himself seem more like the REAL me so no. I do not give out my old content. Most of my older stuff is still available on my Weasyl @rhyset & FurAffinity @slashwolfhyde accounts. 90% of my old videos are still publicly available through the playlist tab on my YouTube and always have been.
PLEASE spend the time LOOKING before asking.
If you can't find what you're looking for then please assume that I don't want it available.

Sorry, I know what it feels like to suddenly have an artist you like delete their old accounts or hide their work. Its depressing. But please understand that from my perspective, this is really creepy and uncomfortable to be asked by total and complete strangers.

"Can I include a video of yours in a compilation or "Top Five" video?"
Again, I greatly prefer you did NOT repost any of my work.
Compilation videos are harmful for artists because of the way YouTube's algorithm works. It also takes attention away from the actual artists within them, and feels like a cheap way to gain attention for the work of others.
However, like the above answer, as long as you are honest and link back to the original video, and your video isnt like, a cringe compilation or something offensive like that, I am probably too lazy to file a report. I will look the other way.

I only take commissions on ko-fi these days.
Here's the direct link: https://ko-fi.com/rhy5et/commissions